Free Implant Consultation + 3D CT Scan (reg. value $500)
Surgical procedures are handled with exceptional gentle care. Sedation is available. ZERO PAIN, ZERO ANXIETY!
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Tired of hiding your smile due to stained, cracked or missing teeth? Join the thousands of patients who have taken back their smiles with the help of our dental implant specialists currently serving patients in the La Grange area. Our dentistry team will help improve your appearance, speech and confidence by providing you with high-quality permanent dental implants. Because of our expertise and up-front pricing, Chicago Dental Arts is the top choice for implant dentistry in the area.

Premier Implant Dentistry Specialists

Whatever your reason is for needing oral surgery – whether you experienced an injury or are suffering from tooth decay – our experts will provide you with the top-tier solutions you need. At an affordable rate, they’ll give you a smile you’ll want to flash for years to come.

  • The benefits of receiving dental implants from Chicago Dental Arts are vast. Our solutions are made to match your natural teeth, making it impossible to tell that they’re implants. Once inserted, you won’t feel any discomfort. In fact, they’ll feel and function just like your natural teeth.
  • Our pain-free implant dentistry procedures will give you back your confidence, providing you with a set of pearly whites you’ll be eager to show off to the world. In addition, they’ll allow you to eat your favorite foods again with no repercussions.

Dental Implant Specialists Serving La Grange

Our implant dentistry specialists Dr. Fedin and Dr. Demas are certified Relaxation Dentists, focusing on pain-free techniques that increase comfort and reduce anxiety. They’ve placed over a thousand implants between them using sedation dentistry to ensure all procedures are smooth, seamless and completely comfortable. We’re currently accepting new patients at our Western Springs office – conveniently located just west of La Grange, IL.

If you’re tired of forcing closed-lipped smiles in pictures or want to enjoy the great foods you used to love, contact Chicago Dental Arts today for a dental implant consultation. We look forward to helping you take back your smile!

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Why Choose Chicago Dental Arts

Chicago Dental Arts has been serving Chicagoland for decades. The dental professionals at our Chicago, Skokie and Western Springs offices provide pain-free, no-anxiety dental procedures.



We use the latest state of the art technology and use cone beam 3D tech.

On-Site Techs

On-Site Techs

Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

We offer sedation dentistry with a courtesy car.

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Our Dentistry Team

Dr. Vladimir Fedin

Over his 25-year career, has performed over 4,000 successful implant procedures.

Dr. Natasa Manasovska

Graduated from UIC College of Dentistry, completing the advanced dental program, DMD.

Chicago Dental Arts Reviews

The staff, including dentist and dental assistants, are all so pleasant and accommodating! Almost makes it worth the fear of the dentist! Dr Fedin makes me feel relaxed and I never feel any pain-remarkable! Highly recommended!