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Chicago Dental Arts Review by MM

Best Dentist I Have Ever Had! Dr. Natasa is an excellent dentist. She took the time to explain every procedure she was doing. For example, when I got my teeth whitened, Dr. Natasa was very supportive, and thorough when explaining the process. She is a professional and has a naturally lovely personality. I would recommend Dr. Natasa to everyone. She is the best dentist I have ever had. M.M

Chicago Dental Arts

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Chicago Dental Arts Review by John l.

My dentist recently retired for a much needed respite after the 30+ years he and staff have taken care of my pearlies. Although I was sad to see him go, I know he has left me in very capable hands after transitioning his practice to Chicago Dental Arts. Everyone I have dealt with is friendly, professional and very capable. From cleanings to fillings to crowns, I feel I'm in goods hands to keep my teeth for another 30 years!

Chicago Dental Arts

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. You opinion is very valuable to us. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Chicago Dental Arts Review by Karen j.

I recomend dr.fedin and dr.demas for all your dental needs. I went to several dentists for help but all said i was lost cause dental wise. Dr.Fedin gave me new reason to smile again. Please believe me when i say totally new smile .

Chicago Dental Arts Review by RM

I was so impressed by the office from the initial greeting to meeting Dr. Natasa. I highly recommend this practice. She was very patient and took the time to listen to my main concerns.

Chicago Dental Arts Review by Artem B.


Chicago Dental Arts Review by JasonW

Best dental care available in my personal opinion, I have been coming to this particular office since my very first dental visit in my single digit years of age and have been coming back for over 20 years now. Alas my primary dentist is retired or mostly retired but the new and promising, young, skillful and very competent Dr.Demas and Dr.Fedin do a great job, both of them. Some of the best trained and most skilled dentists I have seen, in comparison to the outstanding skill and 30 years of experience In seeing Dr.Weidman that I am used to they are a good replacement for what I expect. It makes me happy I do not have to search the continent for another competent and properly trained dentist...

Chicago Dental Arts Review by Svetlana G.

Dr Fedin has been my dentist for the past 18 years, 9 of them after I moved to Miami....yes I am still coming to Chicago to see him because he is the best and extremely difficult to replace. He is very professional and skilled in many dental procedures. Over the years I've done may dental work including few implants and everything is amazing! Thank you, Doctor Fedin and your wonderful staff!

Chicago Dental Arts Review by Lonna L.

Dr. Fedin and staff are amazing. His skill is exceptional amd he takes prode in his work. All procedures are pain free!! I highly recommend Dental Arts for all of your dental needs!!

Chicago Dental Arts Review by Phillip C.

After wasting six figures and many years with multiple highly recommended dentists and having all procedures fail - one almost killed me - I have become an expert patient. Given today's outsourcing, it is almost impossible to get a crown to fit let alone more complicated work. Working together, Fedin solved all my problems with professionalism and unmatched perfection. In short, he has no equal. I would travel 10,000 miles for an appointment. I will never go to a different dentist. The public has no idea how poorly trained the average dentist really is.

Chicago IL Review - Outstanding and professional dentist.

Outstanding and professional dentist..cannot say enough good things about their care and attention to their patients - and I have been one of them for many years now...

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