Skokie Dental Implants

If you’re looking for a dental implant specialist in the North Shore, look no further than Chicago Dental Arts, where thousands of people have improved their appearance, their speech and regained their self-confidence through high-quality dental implants. We are the top choice for implant dentistry for our quality, expertise and up-front pricing.

The North Shore’s Premier Implant Dentistry

Whether you have experienced an injury or are suffering from tooth loss, tooth decay or gum disease, dental implants are a comfortable way to regain a brilliant, affordable smile for the rest of your life!

Dental implants are made to match your natural teeth, which makes it virtually impossible to tell the two apart. Once they have been inserted, your dental implants will feel and function just like your old teeth.

Take back your smile and eat your favorite foods with confidence and zero pain with durable, convenient and permanent implants. Count on pain-free implant dentistry procedures provided by the best implant dentist in Chicago!

Dental Implant Specialist in Skokie

Dr. Fedin and Dr. Demas, certified Relaxation Dentists with decades of oral surgery experience between them, have placed thousands of implants using the latest pain- and anxiety free techniques. Known for its sedation dentistry, Chicago Dental Arts ensures that your procedure will be smooth, seamless and completely comfortable.

Call us to schedule a consultation or fill out the no-obligation appointment form above today.

Say no to pain and yes to a healthy, brilliant smile. Call now!

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