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At Chicago Dental Arts, we take pride in our work, because we know that behind every smile, there is also a person.

Every dental professional at Chicago Dental Arts, from the doctors to the front-desk staff, comes to work with the same goal: to deliver comprehensive, quality service in the most comfortable environment possible.

Since 1996, thousands of patients have received painless, no-anxiety dental care from the experienced, Relaxation Dentistry-certified doctors at Chicago Dental Arts.

Dr. Vladimir Fedin, DDS
Experienced Dentist / Owner

Dr. Vladimir Fedin, DDS

At the head of Chicago Dental Arts is Dr. Vlad Fedin, a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School and 28-year veteran of the dentistry craft. Dr. Fedin was recognized by Chicago Magazine & The Sun Times as one of Chicago’s leading dentists & implantology experts.

Over his career, Dr. Fedin has performed over 9,000 implant procedures and placed over 15,000 crowns and veneers. He is a certified WaterLase procedure provider.

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Dr. Nikol Fedin, DMD
General Dentist

Dr. Nikol Fedin, DMD

Dr. Nikol Fedin continues the family legacy started by Dr. Vlad Fedin’s expert care for more than 30 years at Chicago Dental Arts. Dr. Nikol Fedin has worked alongside her father-in-law for over four years, maintaining the philosophy of patient-centered care and commitment to excellence.

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Dr. Daniel Smsulson

Dr. Daniel Smsulson

Meet our highly experienced periodontist with over 30 years of dedicated practice. He is our expert in gum grafting and pocket reduction. Specializing in advanced procedures like osseous surgery, connective tissue grafts, and free tissue grafts, he brings unparalleled expertise to ensure optimal oral health for our patients.

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