Dental Implant Procedure

Congrats! By seeking out information about the dental implant procedure, you’ve taken your first step to a beautiful smile and exceptional oral health!

Dental implants will renew your confidence and enhance your quality of life. Whether you’re missing teeth due to an injury or because of periodontal disease, Chicago Dental Arts will make you feel whole once more.

Dental Implant Procedure Steps

At Chicago Dental Arts, all of our dental implant procedures are executed using state-of-the-art sedative techniques that all of our dental professionals exercise in order to operate with no anxiety and absolutely zero pain.

Here are the steps:

  1. The complimentary consultation with Dr. Fedin.
  2. The dental examination.
  3. The preparatory procedure.
  4. Custom post abutment and crown placement.
  5. The follow-up examination and maintenance discussion.

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