Dental Fillings

Cavities are caused by food debris that has accumulated on the tooth’s surface, which creates acid that gradually erodes the tooth and causes extreme pain and discomfort.

To treat your cavity, the dentists at Chicago Dental Arts remove the decaying area of the tooth and then “fill” it with a strong, durable material such as porcelain. The dentists at Chicago Dental Arts use state-of-the-art technology and the latest sedation techniques to ensure that you experience absolutely no pain or anxiety during the process – that’s our promise. With Waterlace, our no shots and no pain technology we can make this procedure more comfortable than in the past and it’s even child friendly!

Tooth Filling Procedure

Cavities, however, are not the only reason people receive composite fillings. Cracked, broken or worn teeth are also responsible for many of the dental fillings that are performed at Chicago Dental Arts.

The dentists at Chicago Dental Arts use WaterLase, a revolutionary technology that allows for the painless removal and replacement of porcelain and even gold or silver fillings. In addition to being painless, WaterLase also:

  • reduces the amount of anesthesia required for the procedure,
  • produces little or no bleeding,
  • and minimizes post-operative swelling, which decrease or eliminates the need for pain medication.

Are you nervous about the appearance of your tooth fillings? Don’t be. Chicago Dental Arts uses composite fillings that match the color of your teeth, which makes them perfect for any area, even if it’s highly visible.

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Painless, No-anxiety Treatment with WaterLase

Remove the anxiety about dental work with WaterLase: our state-of-the-art, pain-free dental technology that is also free from drills and needles. Enjoy less discomfort plus reduced healing time for everything from filling cavities to gum tissue treatments. WaterLase ensures many routine procedures are more comfortable than you could imagine (and kid-friendly!).