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Invisalign Treatment In Chicago


Say goodbye to painful, uncomfortable, and highly noticeable metal brackets, as we offer Invisalign braces—an orthodontic treatment that can straighten your teeth through the use of custom-molded, virtually invisible aligners.

Is Invisalign Right For You?

With Invisalign, you can achieve a beautiful, straight smile after several months—and no one can tell you’re wearing braces all throughout the treatment period. So, if you need to correct your overly crowded teeth or widely gapped teeth but don’t want to wear noticeable brackets, then Invisalign braces are a fitting option for you. In addition, Invisalign helps address overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite issues.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign’s clear and custom-molded aligners are made of a smooth, nearly invisible thermoplastic material. Wearing these aligners for 22 hours a day (only removing them when you have to eat, brush, or floss) will gradually shift your teeth into place, based on the precise tooth movements our dentist plans out for you. The average treatment plan lasts for about 11 months, but it still varies depending on the number of movements needed.

With clear aligners, you don’t need wires to tighten the brackets every month. Invisalign eliminates the pain and discomfort that come with adjusting metal braces. In fact, all you have to do is visit our office every two weeks or so to pick up your new set of custom aligners.

Why Should You Choose Chicago Dental Arts for Your Invisalign Treatment?

For over two decades now, Chicago Dental Arts has been the go-to dental office for many patients in Chicagoland patients. Here’s why:

  • Highly-Experienced Dental Team

Headed by Dr. Vladimir Fedin, our team is comprised of highly-qualified dental professionals that do not only provide quality services but deliver exceptional care, as well. Plus, our cosmetic dentists are experienced in creating personalized Invisalign treatment plan.

  • Individualized Invisalign Treatment Plan

As mentioned, we provide a personalized treatment plan for each of our Invisalign patients. We don’t simply want to help you regain your smile, we want to address your unique dental issues, too.

  • Zero Pain, Zero Anxiety Approach

Our dental office is known for our no pain, anxiety-free approach to dentistry. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and the latest sedation dentistry techniques to make sure you will feel comfortable throughout your Invisalign treatment period.

If you’re ready to get started with our exceptional Invisalign treatment, feel free to fill out a form or call us, today, to schedule a consultation.

Benefits of Invisalign

We all want to have straight, beautiful teeth, but oftentimes our mouth has different ideas. Fortunately, the best dentist in Chicago has plenty of treatment options that can quickly and effectively create the smile that you’ve always dreamed of. And one of those treatment options that’s quite popular is Invisalign.

If you haven’t heard of Invisalign, the concept is simple, but revolutionary. Invisalign is an alternative to braces. It’s made of clear, nearly invisible material that fits your unique teeth. The appliance is completely removable—unlike braces—yet, just like braces, when treatment is over, your smile looks like something out of a magazine.

But you don’t just want to know what Invisalign is, you want to know the benefits to you. Well, according to the best dentist in Chicago, here they are:

No More Discomfort from Wires

Easily the greatest benefit of Invisalign is that, when you use this treatment option, wires will not be needed to straighten your teeth. Instead, your dental professional will create the appliance from a mold they take of your mouth and use tiny tweaks in the appliance to move your teeth in the desired direction. So instead of coming in periodically to get your braces adjusted, which is often uncomfortable, you just come in every once in a while to pick up an adjusted set of Invisalign appliances.

No Effects on Your Eating Habits

Traditional braces are cemented to your teeth and held in place by wires—they are not going anywhere until your dentist takes them off. This is not so with Invisalign. And that’s because Invisalign is completely removable at any time. Of course, while you’ll want to wear them at all times, you’re free to take them off when you need to eat.

In that way, using Invisalign to adjust your teeth rather than braces means you don’t have to worry about making significant dietary changes until you get them off. So long as you brush your teeth before putting the Invisalign back on, eat whatever you like.

Short Treatment Plans

Another great thing about Invisalign is that, because they’re meant for people with less severe problems, the treatment plan is usually shorter. That means you won’t have to wear Invisalign for as long as you would if you needed to get braces. Of course, individual treatment plans may vary, but generally speaking, your Invisalign treatment will be relatively short.

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