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Night Guards

Grinding your teeth occasionally will usually not cause any significant damage; however, doing so on a regular basis – especially at night – can create some serious problems, including:

  • abnormal bites,
  • crooked teeth,
  • and even tooth loss.

If your bruxism is triggered by stress or anxiety, it is likely occurring at night and, therefore, is more difficult to control. The dentists at Chicago Dental Arts specialize in creating a custom night guard will prevent any damage that may be caused by excessive nighttime grinding. The customization process yields an ultra-comfortable night guard that also offers a maximum level of protection, which doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

Custom Night Guard Dentists Chicago Area

Chicago Dental Arts has three offices conveniently located in Skokie, Hinsdale/Western Springs and Streeterville, in the heart of Downtown. For more information on our custom-made night guards, please call us or fill out the appointment form – a courteous and knowledgeable member of our team will get back to you in no time!

Don’t let bruxism ruin your teeth – call Chicago Dental Arts for a custom-fitted night guard today!

Painless, No-anxiety Treatment with WaterLase

Remove the anxiety about dental work with WaterLase: our state-of-the-art, pain-free dental technology that is also free from drills and needles. Enjoy less discomfort plus reduced healing time for everything from filling cavities to gum tissue treatments. WaterLase ensures many routine procedures are more comfortable than you could imagine (and kid-friendly!).