Caring for Your Dental Implants in Chicago, IL

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Many people think that having dental implants means they won’t have to worry about oral hygiene or brushing their teeth as much as they used to. Nothing is further from the truth. Just as your implants look like your natural teeth, they require the same type of care. Maintaining your dental hygiene routine is essential if you want to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease), and implant failure.

Implants are an amazingly natural looking, technologically advanced option for tooth replacement, and they are suitable for almost anyone – but they are not cheap. That should be reason enough to take excellent care of them. As for your oral hygiene routine, it doesn’t matter if you have your natural teeth, implants, or a combination of the two, maintaining a healthy mouth is the best way to protect that bright, beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

Caring for Your Dental Implants in Chicago, IL

Both natural teeth and implants benefit from regular brushing with a soft-bristled brush. Firm toothbrush bristles can cause damage to your implants and are hard on your gums. Flossing is also just as important as it ever was, and whether you use regular floss or a water jet, it is the only way to remove food particles and plaque from in between your teeth.

The Importance of Professional Teeth Cleaning

Scheduling regular checkups and professional teeth cleanings is an important part of any successful dental hygiene routine. This is the only way to ensure food particles and other bits of debris and plaque won’t get a foothold below the gumline.

Once plaque forms, if it is not removed regularly, it bonds with various minerals, becoming calcified and significantly harder to remove. This buildup, called calculus, can lead to periodontitis, a serious infection of the gum tissue – which can then spread to the bone, resulting in bone deterioration, tooth loss and implant failure.

Don’t Discount the Aesthetics

While it is extremely important to take good care of your oral health and your implants, preventing gum disease and implant failure is not the only reason to do it. After all, didn’t you go to the trouble of getting the implants because you care about the appearance of your smile? Showing off a brilliantly healthy smile is a sign of confidence. White teeth are also associated with a more youthful smile. Taking proper care of your implants will allow you to enjoy the aesthetic benefits they offer for many years to come.

Which Products are Safe To Use?

As we have already stressed, brushing and flossing on a regular basis, as well as visiting your dental professional for checkups and teeth cleanings is especially important whether you have implants or your natural teeth. Nevertheless, there is a bit of a difference between natural teeth and implants when you are thinking about using any type of whitening product.

At-home teeth whitening kits may be perfectly safe to use on your natural teeth, but if you have implants, you should rely on a dental professional for your whitening treatments. Your dentist has the correct tools and the appropriate products to clean and whiten your implants without damaging or discoloring them. In fact, the products your dentist uses will not only make your smile beautiful, but they will also extend the life of your implants.

Dental Implants are an Investment – Take Care of Them

Dental implants are an investment in your health and your appearance. Care for them as you would any other investment to ensure you receive your money’s worth. Brush and floss regularly, schedule twice-yearly dental visits with someone who specializes in cosmetic dentistry in Chicago, IL, and make sure to take care of any small issues before they turn into big ones.

At Chicago Dental Arts, we provide state-of-the art cosmetic dentistry services, including beautiful, durable, natural-looking implants. We also have the skill and expertise to help you care for them properly.

Whether you are thinking about getting dental implants, or you already have them and are searching for a dentist who is experienced in taking care of them, we offer exceptional dental services to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

For more information about cosmetic dental procedures or caring for dental implants, reach out to our dedicated staff at Chicago Dental Arts. We are always happy to help you schedule your appointment and answer any questions you may have about all types of dental services and procedures. We invite you to call today.

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