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Here at Chicago Dental Arts, we’ve placed over 8,000 implants and it’s a very, very routine procedure, and it’s completely painless. When I explain the procedure to my patients, I always tell one thing, but the way I explain could sound very scary and invasive, but the truth is, nowadays, the whole surgical process, a lot of time, takes less than 30 minutes.
Procedure consists of two stages. The first stage is surgical, when surgeon places titanium rod into the patient jaw. It takes about three months for patient to heal. And then we start the second stage, which is restorative stage, during which stage we manufacture two parts. One called abutment. Abutment is sort of like a custom-made post, and our product is very sophisticated, we use laser scanners and CAD/CAM designs, so each of the abutments being custom-made for each patient. The second part is regular crown. Nowadays, it’s a very streamlined, very efficient, and very cost-efficient way to replace missing teeth. Obviously it’s always best to save the tooth, but if the tooth is gone or multiple teeth are gone, dental implants definitely offer superior solution to that problem.
The most common question is how long the implant lasts. Well, there is no answer to this question. It depends on many factors, but I can tell you that, now, practice implants have been placed 20, 25 years ago are still there. Implants are not a carefree prosthesis. Implants need to be cared for pretty much in the same way that natural teeth do. They need to be cleaned
professionally, might need to be adjusted. So, longevity of the implant, a lot depends on post-surgical and post-operative care.

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