Don’t Fear the Dentist with WaterLase for Fillings

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Do you dread going to the dentist? Does the very thought of the needle or the sound of the drill automatically give you the chills? At Chicago Dental Arts, Dr. Fedin and his associates are taking advantage of exceptional new technology that allows us to provide exceptional care without the pain and anxiety of traditional fillings.  WaterLase is the no-drill, no-shot, painless way to repair and maintain your oral health.
WaterLase utilizes high speed cutting technology to remove decaying tissue with highly energized water.  This revolutionary process has many more benefits beyond being virtually painless:

  • No Shots
    WaterLase technology allows dentists to begin their work right away without the hassle of novocaine. Removing the stress of having to deal with needles, a numb face and the extra time spent in the chair.
  • No Drilling
    WaterLase eliminates the scary drilling noise of a traditional filling. In addition to elimination of sound, the technology also provides a more accurate method for removing surface tissue without causing damage to the rest of the tooth.
  • Reduced Amount of Anesthesia
    Most of us are familiar with the numb feeling you are left dealing with for hours after a filling. WaterLase allows your dentist to use minimal anesthetic for procedures for a more comfortable experience.
  • Painless Removal/Replacement
    When it is time for you to have those old porcelain, silver or gold fillings replaced, WaterLase technology allows your dentist to quickly remove your filling without the pain that you may have originally experienced.
  • Minimal Swelling
    The highly-energized water cuts away at the tissue instead of the traditional spinning and grinding so that patients experienced decrease post-operative swelling and pain.

You don’t need to fear the dentist when you see the professionals at Chicago Dental Arts. Contact us at one of our three convenient Chicagoland locations to learn more about pain-free dental fillings and other dental procedures with WaterLase technology.

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