Foreign Contaminants in Food – The Importance of Safety Testing

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Foreign Contaminants in Food - Importance of Safety Testing

In recent months, consumer products have been subject to a number of different recalls due to issues that could have a harmful impact on health and safety. While these recalls range in severity, they all highlight a growing need for increased safety testing in food and products available to the public. That concern came even more to forefront with the December 2016 recall of over eight million Cuisinart food processors.
The manufacturer Conair initiated this massive recall after 69 reports were documented of people finding small pieces of the food processor’s metal blades in their food. The danger of sharp metal pieces ending up in food is obvious, and this defect has the potential to lead to serious damage of your teeth or digestive tract.
While it’s not clear exactly how these Cuisinart food processors ended up with this dangerous defect, one thing is for sure – when it comes to safety testing for food, metal detection is of the utmost importance. There are several regulating agencies that oversee the safety of consumer food and products, but they aren’t always able to catch the problem before damage or injury has occurred to public consumers. Reviewing and implementing additional safety steps throughout the design and manufacturing process is essential to ensure that the public remains safe from avoidable defects.

Keep Your Family Healthy with Quality Dental Care

With Cuisinart food processors dislodging metal fragments into the food of unsuspecting consumers, it is even more important to have a plan in place to ensure the health care of all members of your family. If your teeth have been affected by foreign contaminants in food or other damage, the team at Chicago Dental Arts can help restore your mouth to a healthy, functional state.
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