Holiday Snacking That Won’t Hurt Your Teeth

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With the holiday season in full swing, many of us are enjoying all of the amazing food and drinks associated with the holidays. As irresistible as those holiday treats can be, have you ever considered how bad they are for your teeth? While a treat here and there won’t have a huge impact, excessive snacking and overindulging in holiday sweets can take a toll on your teeth. Here’s what our dentist in Chicago recommends snacking on this holiday season.

Festive Fruit

Who doesn’t love a good themed fruit arrangement? Not only is fruit extremely delicious, but it is also extremely versatile when it comes to presentation. While, of course, there is natural sugar found in fruits, this type of sugar is much healthier than processed sugar. Think homemade Santa hats using strawberries or a fruit and crackers assembly to make a Christmas tree.

Nuts & Cheese

Nuts and cheese are both extremely festive and won’t negatively impact your teeth! Nuts can help stimulate the saliva production in your mouth, making it easy to minimize bacteria and debris. They can also gently scrub your teeth to keep them clean. Cheese is full of healthy calcium that helps keep your enamel strong. The two combined together is a tasty, festive and healthy holiday snack!

Pumpkin Pie

Yes, you read that correctly! Pumpkin itself isn’t bad for your teeth, in fact, it has vitamin A and fiber to help keep you full. Making a pumpkin pie from scratch allows you to cut down on the amount of sugar in it, and be sure to skip the whipped cream. Your pearly whites will thank you!
Our dentist in Chicago wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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