How Can I Improve My Gum Health?

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There are many ways to keep your gums healthy. Find a dentist in Chicago to help you keep up with gum health and learn the proper way to care for your smile.

Brushing Your Teeth

If you have ever been to the dentist you have probably heard them stress the importance of brushing your teeth. Regular brushing is one great way to keep your gums in tip top shape and avoid gum disease.

How Long?

When you were little you were probably told to brush your teeth for as long as it takes you to sing Happy Birthday twice. This is a good technique to use to get kids to brush for longer. The recommended time for brushing is a full two minutes, so sing a song or count to 120 while you brush your smile!

How Often?

To keep your gums healthy it is recommended to brush at least twice a day. Some dental professionals recommend that those with oral apparatuses, such as braces, should brush after every meal to keep tartar and plaque from building up in hard to reach places.

What’s The Right Technique?

To get the most invasive tooth brushing you should tilt the toothbrush bristles slightly towards the gumline, where your teeth meet your gums, and move the brush in gentle circular, back-and-forth motion. To avoid damaging your gums while brushing, be sure not to put too much pressure or brush too forcefully.

Flossing Those Pearly Whites

Regular flossing is the best for keeping your gums healthy. You should floss at least once daily and be sure to get in between every tooth! Moving the floss gently up and down and side to side in each space, will better remove bacteria and keep your gums in good shape.

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