How to Deal with Tooth Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening

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Naturally, everyone experiences teeth darkening over time, but consuming coffee, wine, soda or tobacco will also expedite discoloration. Fortunately, teeth whitening is a simple solution to eliminate blotchy, blemished, darkened teeth through safe and effective methods. Chicago Dental Arts is a great place to get your teeth whitened because of our highly trained professionals and technicians. At Chicago Dental Arts, we use WaterLase for tooth whitening because there are less discomfort and reduced healing time. However, teeth whitening occasionally leads to tooth sensitivity. The following tips are a great way to decrease sensitivity.

Adjust Your Brushing Habits

A simple change in your toothbrush may lead to less sensitivity. Try switching to a softer toothbrush because brushes with harder bristles can irritate your teeth more and increase sensitivity. Similarly, aggressively scrubbing your teeth can damage your tissue and increase sensitivity.
Using a special toothpaste that is made to treat sensitive teeth can be a helpful solution after teeth whitening in Chicago. These kinds of toothpaste can be purchased over the counter and contain protective ingredients.

Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks

After teeth whitening, it is crucial to avoid soda, citrus and red wine because they cause increased sensitivity. If you are unable to avoid highly acidic foods and drinks, be sure to brush twenty minutes after consumption.
While teeth whitening may cause sensitivity, it is not very common and lasts for a short time if it does occur. Speak with our team at Chicago Dental Arts today to schedule a teeth whitening session or for more assistance in post-procedure sensitivity.

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