New Year’s Resolutions for Your Smile

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Now that 2020 is officially underway, now is the perfect time to set some goals for your smile. Taking care of your mouth is an important facet of your overall health and can help you feel more confident from the inside-out. Setting goals is an easy way to stay on top of your oral health, and our dentist in Chicago recommends writing down your goals to help you visually see them on a daily basis. While everyone’s goals are different, here is what our team at Chicago Dental Arts recommends.

Consider Your Diet

Not only can your diet help you feel better physically, but it can also play a role in improving your oral health. Eating foods that are high in sugar and fat can increase your susceptibility to common oral disorders such as gum disease or cavity development. We recommend sticking to foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts to help your body function at its best. Plus, chewing on raw vegetables is an easy way to reduce plaque from your teeth and freshen your breath.

Quit Using Tobacco Products

Not only are tobacco products bad for your overall health, but they can have a direct impact on your smile as well. Using tobacco products such as cigarettes or chewing tobacco automatically increase your risk of developing cavities, tooth discoloration, gum disease, gum recession and throat, lung and oral cancer. These are serious oral issues that can ultimately have an impact on your overall health as well. Simply stepping away from these negative habits can easily turn around your oral health and have you on a path to a healthier smile and a healthier life.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

In addition to eliminating tobacco from your life in 2020, we recommend reducing your alcohol intake to help reduce damage to your teeth. The Academy of general dentistry notes that those who regularly use tobacco products and drink alcohol are more likely to develop periodontal pocketing, also known as gum recession. Having a drink once in a while won’t have a large impact, but it’s important to monitor your alcohol intake and drink in moderation to maintain your oral health.

Brush At Least Twice/Day and Floss Once a Day

Don’t forget about the basics this year! Our dentist in Chicago recommends brushing your teeth thoroughly at least twice per day and flossing once per day to get the optimal results from your routine. These simple habits can have a huge impact on getting rid of plaque, an invisible film that consists of harmful bacteria. It’s easy to skip flossing, but this helps reduce the amount of plaque between your teeth, an area that brushing cannot always reach.

Visit Our Chicago Dentist on a Regular Basis

The American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist at least twice every year for a general checkup. Even though there may not be anything wrong with your teeth or gums, visiting our dentist in Chicago is an easy way to stay on top of developing problems and catch them before they transition into a larger issue.
Our dentist in Chicago looks forward to helping you get your best and healthiest smile this 2020! What are your personal smile goals for the next year?

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