Signs a Dental Implant is Right for Your Smile

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Signs of Right Dental Implant

If you’re embarrassed by your smile, it can make you hide behind your hands during some of life’s best moments. According to the American Dental Association, over 5.5 million implants are placed annually by U.S. dentists. Opting for Chicago, Il dental implants is a great way to improve your smile, especially if you have a small amount of missing, cracked or damaged teeth. Here are some signs that your smile could benefit from dental implants.

Your Tooth is Cracked or Broken

Severely cracked or broken teeth can be painful, but they also aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. While we always opt to salvage as much of the tooth as possible, sometimes it is necessary to instead get a Chicago, Il dental implant. Damage beyond repair is best fixed with a dental implant that restores the tooth structure and aesthetic.

A Missing Tooth

Whether your tooth fell out on its own because of decay or it got knocked out during a sporting event, having one or multiple missing teeth can have a huge impact on your confidence. A dental implant will fill the space and blend in with the rest of your smile, making it an ideal option to improve your smile.

You’re Losing Bone Mass in Your Jaw

Did you know that dental implants are anchored to your jaw bone? This makes them an ideal solution for those who are experiencing jaw bone loss. The titanium implant bonds to your jaw bone, a process called osseointegration. This process stimulates the growth of your natural jaw bone.
Are you wondering if dental implants are a good option for you? Contact the professionals at Chicago Dental Arts to see how Chicago, Il dental implants can help your smile!

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