Summer Treats That Affect Your Kids’ Teeth

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Summer is in full swing, and warm-weather treats start flying off the shelves. Your freezer might be stocked for the summer with popsicles, and your cabinets loaded with candy “rewards” to keep your kids under control. But how are these foods affecting your children’s oral health? Here are some common summer treats that can affect your kids’ teeth. 

Frozen Treats

When temperatures rise, it’s nice to have a cold, sweet treat to munch on. While it is refreshing, these popsicles and ice cream bars contain loads of sugars that can damage the enamel of your children’s teeth. Excessive sugar intake can lead to tooth aches and cavities. Avoid an additional trip to your dentist in Skokie this summer and keep the frozen treat intake to a minimum. 


If your kids attend day camps or are just at home in the summer, candy is normally utilized as a reward system. Since candy consumption is normally monitored this sweet treat seems like a privilege to your little ones. Avoid cavities, make sure that they are not going too crazy with candy intake this summer.

Carbonated Drinks 

Drinking an excessive number of carbonated drinks is something to be conscious of year-round, but especially in the summer months. While your children are out and about, it can be harder to monitor what they are consuming. Carbonated beverages, like soda and energy drinks, can cause tooth decay. These drinks are loaded with added sugars and artificial flavors, so it is important to minimize the consumption. Stick to healthier drinks like water that will keep you hydrated without any negative side effects.  

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