The Relationship Between Pregnancy and Dental Health

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When you find out you’re pregnant, one of the first things your doctor will recommend is a healthful diet, including prenatal vitamins. She will also review other measures you can take to ensure your baby’s health as well as your own. However, there is a good chance that no one, except your dentist, will discuss how your oral hygiene routine can impact your pregnancy. Conversely, it is equally important to understand how your pregnancy can affect your oral health.

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How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health

While a large percentage of people suffer from some form of gum disease, hormonal changes and morning sickness can make pregnant women significantly more susceptible than the average person. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a majority (between 60%-75%) of pregnant women suffer from pregnancy gingivitis, a mild form of periodontal disease.

How Oral Health Affects Pregnancy

While gingivitis is characterized by red, swollen, or bleeding gums, left untreated it can progress to periodontitis, a significantly more serious condition. Symptoms of periodontitis include periodontal infection, tooth decay and tooth loss, and when left untreated, bone loss. These conditions can necessitate dental surgeries, which is not something a pregnant mother wants to endure if at all possible. Periodontitis has unfortunately also been associated with low birth weight and premature birth.

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Another reason to pay extra attention to your oral hygiene routine while you are pregnant is to keep the cavity causing bacteria in your mouth to a minimum. When these bacteria levels are high, mothers can pass this bacteria to their children, inevitably making them more susceptible to cavities too.

Pregnancy and Dental X-Rays

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Oral health during pregnancy may mean a dental appointment. While any type of x-rays may seem counterintuitive during pregnancy, when a mother-to-be is suffering from a serious dental issue, an x-ray may be necessary to complete dental treatment. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), when proper shields are used, dental x-rays are safe for pregnant patients. Dental x-rays are often vital to improve the accuracy of diagnoses, reducing the likelihood of experiencing a recurring problem after treatment.

Schedule Regular Visits With Your Dentist Near Chicago

Expectant mothers should visit their dentist regularly, and reach out to the dental office staff with any immediate issues or concerns. Additionally, at home oral hygiene practices should be a regular component of every woman’s prenatal care routine. This will prevent cavities and gum disease from negatively impacting the mother or child.

Chicago Dental Arts

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At Chicago Dental Arts, we are committed to helping you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile throughout all life stages. We believe in making it a point to prioritize your oral health care during your pregnancy, to protect the health of both you and your baby. Poor oral health can lead to many dental health problems, including adverse pregnancy outcomes!

Dr. Fedin. who many consider the best dentist in Chicago, IL, and his team of skilled dental professionals, is here to help.

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