Tips on Making Brushing Fun for Your Kids

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Children learn habits, such as the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth, through their dentist in Chicago but also their parents. If a child is not fond of maintaining dental hygiene at a young age, it is likely this child will lack dental hygiene when older because they did not develop the habit early on. It is often difficult to gain the interest of young children, especially when brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. The tips below are meant to give you some ideas to keep your kids engaged in brushing.

A Satisfying Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Children love having the opportunity to make their own decisions – make toothbrush shopping exciting and let your child choose their own cool toothbrush. This gives the child to select a toothbrush that may have a unique feature, such as having a song playing during brushing or to select a toothbrush with their favorite color.
Allowing your child to pick their own toothpaste is also important in making brushing a positive experience. Children may find it fun to try out different flavors when it comes to buying a new toothpaste. Also, some children may not like the mint flavor that most adults prefer.

Timing is Key

If a child only brushes their teeth for 30 seconds, the job is not done. It is critical to brush for a full two minutes, twice each day. To avoid the two minutes dragging, give your child access to a timer. Many children like to visually see how long they have been brushing, so consider getting a sand timer or using your phone timer.

Parent-Child Brushing Time

Children learn through imitation. By making it a point to brush your teeth with your child, you will be setting a good example of the importance of brushing regularly. You can also improve their dental hygiene by correcting any errors they are making while brushing. This will make the next Chicago dentist visit must more enjoyable as the dentist will praise your child for their clean teeth and being cavity free.
Help your child get in the habit of brushing regularly for a lifetime of good oral health. For more questions or to schedule your child’s professional cleaning, contact Chicago Dental Arts today.

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