Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Their Dental Fear

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As parents, you know it is important to take your children to the dentist twice a year to keep their teeth healthy and strong. However, this can be a difficult task to accomplish when your child is nervous or afraid. Follow these tips from our family dentist in Chicago, IL to help make your kid’s experience comfortable and fun.  

Play Pretend Dentist  

Before the visit, you should start promoting the importance of oral hygiene at home. Encourage your child to brush twice a day and consider playing pretend dentist. Purchase a small dental mirror and take turns counting each other’s teeth. When your child sees familiar tools in the office, they will feel more at ease. 

Start Visits Early 

Start taking your child to your family dentist in Chicago, IL for routine check-ups as early as 6 months. This way when they reach the age of 5 or 6 they will be accustomed to the dental routine. 

Watch Your Words

If your child needs a dental operation, be sure to speak about it in a specific way. Avoid triggering words that could indicate fear or pain. Steer clear of words like “shot”, “drill” or “needle”. There is no need to lie, but try to speak simply about the dentist and avoid giving too much detail. 

Avoid Bribes

Brides often seem like the easiest way to get your child to cooperate, but this practice can reinforce the idea that the dentist is scary. Instead, try bringing along a comfort toy for your child to hold throughout the appointment or reward them with a treat at the end to encourage positivity. 
To learn more tips about keeping your children calm, contact our family dentist in Chicago, IL.

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