What is the Recovery Process After Dental Implants?

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Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces damaged or missing tooth roots with a metal alternative. The metal rod is a screw post that a realistic, artificial tooth is inserted into to help you achieve your desired smile. Our Chicago, IL dental implants at Chicago Dental Arts offer an alternative to other misfitting dental apparatuses like dentures.

How Long Will Recovery Take?

The recovery process tends to vary based on the type of procedure you’ve had done. It is generally determined by how invasive the procedure needed to be and also how many teeth needed to be extracted and implanted.

Is the Process Painful?

Our Chicago, IL dental implant processes have differing levels of invasiveness depending on your unique smile. The procedure can be simple to difficult, leading the pain to differ from patient to patient. If only a single tooth was replaced the process will be much less painful than if several implants were needed.

What Can I Eat And Drink After Surgery?

Restricting your diet too soft food is necessary directly after dental implant surgery. Depending on your procedure, it could take anywhere from a week to six weeks until you can return to your normal diet. Hot beverages and alcohol should be removed from your diet until the healing process is completed. It is also recommended to not use straws after your oral surgery. It is important to ask your dental professional about restrictions after the surgery.

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